1 look – $275
2 looks – $385
3 looks – $500
Each additional look after 3: $100

All packages includes:

  • 200+ images per look
  • 1 retouch per look
  • Lasts approximately 25 minutes per look
  • Can include 1 wardrobe variation per look (i.e. no glasses/glasses, jacket/ no jacket, etc.)



THE PROCESS – After booking your session, we come up with a gameplan to make sure you walk away getting exactly what you need! You’ll receive a confirmation with all the info you’ll need, including a brief questionnaire to fill out to make sure we’re on the same page going into the session. We’ll be sure to get specific about the looks you’re needing, discuss wardrobe, and if your agent/manager has any special requests.  I’m a huge believer that having a detailed gameplan & structure ahead of time allows for the space to have freedom in the moment when shooting, which leads to truly captivating photos.

DEPOSIT – A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to reserve your session date.

MAKE-UP –  In regards to make-up, I always suggest you do whatever makes you most comfortable.  I believe that headshots should represent you on your best day, but should still look like YOU!  There’s nothing worse for casting than when they call you in for an audition and you look nothing like the thumbnail they personally handpicked out of 1000+ other actors.  So, if you feel comfortable doing your own hair & make-up, do it. (I have a great make-up station if you need to do touch-ups throughout.  And guys, you can shave between looks if you so wish.)  If you’d rather a professional, I have a few AMAZING (Covid-compliant) make-up artists that I work with as well, and I can happily send you their info upon request.  

LOCATION & TIME – Located in beautiful Pasadena, we typically shoot in the late morning using natural light (and studio light for background or rim lighting if needed)

RETOUCHING – After your free retouch per look, each additional retouch is $30. Basic retouching includes any neccessary color correction, lighting adjustment, evening skin tone, removal of blemishes and hot spots, stray hairs, and dark under-eyes circles. Casting sees thousands of thumbnails every day and it is our job to get your shot to pop, so while touch-ups aren’t mandatory, they are recommended!

AFTER OUR SESSION –  You will receive your full-res online gallery (all with basic color and lighting correction) within 1 week of shooting. The gallery is super user-friendly (shots can be downloaded as a whole or individually) and you can make as many favorites lists as you (or your rep) need.