Watch this interview to see me in action taking headshots, and hear my thoughts on photography, imposter syndrome, leading lines, & serial killers(?).


This is Johanna, the sweetest pup in all the land.

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I absolutely LOVED working with Jesse. He is incredibly talented and you will get amazing headshots from a session with him. You will. And that is crucial. He is open, kind and his humor is fabulously disarming. Plus he listens. I’ll say that again, he listens! So what ends up happening is an experience of collaboration where you walk away knowing that this time, thank god, your essence was caught on camera. Jesse gets it.  ~Corinne S.

Best. Headshots. Ever. I’ve shot with Jesse twice, & both times yielded the best results I’ve ever experienced. My agents were thrilled, & I’ve gone out for a steadily increasing amount of auditions since our shoots. He
knows the industry very well, so he can guide you toward your most
marketable looks. Cannot recommend Jesse highly enough.   ~Brad C.

I have photographed with many NY and LA photographers, but Jesse is by far my favorite! He has such a unique gift in knowing what casting is looking for in a picture and what pops in a thumbnail.   ~Shannan Y.

I am a professional, not an actor, but I still needed a good headshot. The photos I receivedwere incredible. From clean corporate looks to more casual & informal shots, Jesse provided me with everything I could ever need. Also he is absolutely the sweetest guy in the world! Made me feel so comfortable in a setting that was totally foreign to me.  ~Jon F.

This man is AMAZING! I’ve never had a session that was so well managed and also so much fun. From the get go, Jesse focuses on what you need and doesn’t lose sight of that during the session. Though you would never know it because he has the ability to chat and keep you comfortable while he is working. The images were better then I could have hoped for and my whole team was super pleased.   ~Sarah A.

I. Love. Jesse.
Seriously. Love. It’s really the only appropriate word to use. The entire experience of “working” with him is a joy. From initially reaching out to him, to receiving the edited versions of your headshots, you’ll find that nobody else is handling your headshot needs like Saler Photography.
Jesse makes sure he has a thorough understanding of you as a person/actor and then utilizes that knowledge to give you exactly what you’re looking for.   ~Trevor W.

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